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Mickey stood on the mantle smiling at Oswald, Ortensia, and the handful of Bunny Children hopping around on the other side of the mirror. Behind them, Clarabelle, Horace Horsecollar, Gremlin Gus, and even Big Bad Pete waved to their savior from the crowd that had gathered to watch the fireworks. Wasteland was a sight to behold now, filled with all the magic and heart that the boss would have wanted. From here, Mickey could just glimpse the fire station window, the light inside flickering like an old friend waving to him.
That was the last he saw of Wasteland, as the image dissolved to reveal the workshop where it all began. The sorcerer, Yen Sid, gave the Mouse a stern smile and waved his hand over the mirror, returning it to its original state and erasing the images like fog on glass.
Mickey stepped closer and laid a hand on the mirror, trying to figure out what had happened, but all he saw was his own perplexed reflection. That was it? He'd never see them again? His heart seemed to shiver inside of him, just as it had when it was snatched away by the Blot. The Blot.
Mickey looked at his hands. They looked normal at first, but when he thought about it, tiny drops of ink floated from his fingertips. The good half of the Blot, the half that he was, remained inside his heart. So would the memories of Oswald, Gus, and all the other characters he had met, or rather, had been reunited with in Wasteland. They would never really be gone. He'd brought part of them with him.
Grinning, the Mouse turned and looked around at the room he'd left behind when the Blot first snatched him away. His smile quickly diminished. It was still torn apart from the night he'd been kidnapped, with ink stains on the walls and floor. Also, there was a thin layer of dust over everything, indicating that he'd been gone for a while. He could even see the answering machine on his phone blinking from here. They must be worried sick, Mickey thought, knowing that his friends would no doubt be wondering where he'd been.
Suddenly, he heard a faint yelp and the patter of feet up the stairs. Mickey jumped down from the mantle as Pluto bounded into the room and knocked him to the floor, happily barking and licking his face. Mickey laughed and scratched the dog on the head.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he muttered, reading the yellow mutt's thoughts.

Because of his tumultuous reunion with Pluto, Mickey was completely oblivious to the subtle tapping sound behind the mirror.
"Pleases say a city and state," a muffled female voice stated, "or say 'other services.'"
"Burbank, California," a raspy voice with a heavy accent hissed.
"Okay, what listing?"
"Judge Doom, ToonTown Municipal Court."
The voice chuckled under its wheezing breath as the automated operator read the list of options.
"Connect me," it ordered, finally busting into a fit of insane laughter.

Six months later…
A sequel to Epic Mickey I'm working on, with some elements of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Mickey returns to the real world, but he can't forget about his friends in Wasteland. But when two twisted toons plan a hostile takeover like no other, Mickey will need "the luck of a certain cartoon rabbit" to save his home and friends.

I do not own Epic Mickey or Who Framed Roger Rabbit
dnxlightangel Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
I read the whole thing it is an AMAZING STORY :heart:
DelDiz Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
It gets better! Chapter 4 is in the works right now! Excited!
dnxlightangel Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
So AM!!!
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